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Our Company Know who we are

We are a company that creates, models and produces shoes, with quality and customer satisfaction always in mind.

HappyWalk – Fabricação de Calçado Lda, a company that models, designs and produces high quality shoes, since 2013. The company has born from the founder’s passion for the art of making shoes and for his immense experience in the sector.

On a time where the national economy needed stimulation, we decided to start our business on a market where Portugal is leader. Portugal, has demonstrated throughout the years that is a world leader on producing shoes with extremely high quality. We have highly competent people in the sector, we have the skills and capacity to continue improving our operational processes. That’s where HappyWalk comes in, to leverage its resources and their skills, to make the difference.

HappyWalk, pretends to be a main player in the sector, nationally and internationally, by modelling and producing high quality shoes..

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Passion for shoes.

–Happy Walk

Our Services What we offer !

Modelling and Production of Shoes via Orders

We provide top quality services of shoes modelling and production with highly competitive prices, and accept orders for the national and international markets. We offer two types of services in this domain:  hWDirect - Services for Direct Orders, and hwPartner - Services of Partnerships with Other Companies of the sector.





HappyWalk is a company specialised in shoes production, having the necessary resources and skills, following hight quality standards. We look for constant innovation, following and creating trends, investing on our resources, improving our internal processes. we are a company with an entrepreneurial spirit, and with strong openness for collaborating with our partners. 

We accept orders for the national and international markets, for modelling and producing shoes, by offering two different types of services:

hwDirect: Services for Direct Orders

We accept direct orders from our clients. We offer services since design, modelling and production, as well as direct production  of shoes and samples that can be provided to us. We also accept that our clients provide the raw materials to be used for the shoes. However, and if our clients prefer, we can in direct collaboration suggest the best materials that are mode adequate to the actual shoe model .

hwPartner: Services of Partnerships with Other Companies of the sector

Aligned with our service of direct orders hwDirect, we also provide services of partnership with other companies of the sector. Many times, due to various causes, companies cannot respond on time to the demand. We are always open to collaborate with our partners, by accepting their orders, with the goal to speed up the order delivery to the final customers, with customer satisfaction always in mind.

Modelling and Production of Samples

Beyond our services for direct orders, we also collaborate with our customers to create samples of any shoe model. For this purpose, we offer our service hwSamples - Modelling and Production of Samples


HappyWalk looks constantly for innovation, follows the market trends and prevails their clients and partners satisfaction. In response to that, we offer our services of creation, modelling and production of samples, with the goal of creating new opportunities together.

hwSamplesModelling and Production of Samples

Our hwSamples service, has the goal of offering to our clients and partners, the possibility to create new shoes models for all various purposes  - showrooms in fairs, showrooms to the clients, etc. Taking as a base the design of the shoe or simply a photograph, we produce samples, with superior quality, following the same high standards applied in our production in series.

Facilities and PortfolioClick here to see some our shoes models, in the Facilities and Portfolio page section.

Together, we grow.

–Happy Walk

Facilities and Portfolio Quality and Profissionalism!

Our facilities and some of our shoes

Click on the circles below, to dive in our company facilities and some of the shoe models that we have produced:

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  • Right Circle – click on the right circle, to see some of our shoes.

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